doghouseMost people think I speak dog!

I don’t, but I do offer my services to help you become your own pack leader!

Having a problem with your little buddy, such as potty training?
Got a little turkey that takes you on the walk instead of you walking them.
Does your dog have food aggression, separation anxiety or show aggressive behavior towards other dogs?.

I assist with whatever your needs and the needs of your baby are. I work in your home where your baby is familiar and comfortable for less stress. I will teach you the tools to be the leader of your pack and get you to be comfortable and in complete control.

NewItemBulletPtGrnI also now offer pet supplies at a 25% off retail.  Details coming soon!!

NewItemBulletPtGrnI now also provide additional services such as:
                 BulletPointPaw_SmBlu  pet-sitting,
                 BulletPointPaw_SmBlu  dog-walking,
                 BulletPointPaw_SmBlu  pet transporting (IE: to the groomers, park, vet, etc).

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Raised on a farm in Oregon, we had plenty of animals as I grew up. I have a love and healthy respect for all animals and especially dogs.

I offer basic to intermediate training and am licensed & registered with the State of Oregon (Reg # 90848897)
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